SAFE zero-e – Solar Potential on Building Facades

 Potentials must be harnessed in order to master the Energy Transition. So far, not enough attention has been paid to building facades— but solar modules can be installed there, in fact significantly better than previously thought. A research project at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences systematically taps this potential.

The project work should bring them closer to their long-term goal of increasing the generation of solar power in existing buildings while reducing CO2 emissions. According to a conservative initial estimate, the researchers assume that approx. 22% of the total electricity consumption of the population in North Rhine-Westphalia could be covered by solar energy, which would mean approx. 2.7 tons of CO2 saved annually. This would be a huge improvement for the environment and for North Rhine-Westfaliaas a business location.

Facts & Figures

1.064.664 EUR
of which
532.332 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

Fachhochschule Bielefeld gmbh
Aerowest GmbH

Priority axis

CO2 reduction


January 2016 – June 2020