3D-Kompetenzzentrum Niederrhein – Additive Technologies in Production as a Motor for Innovation and Growth in the Region

Additive manufacturing processes, also known as 3D printing, are becoming more and more the focus of industrial applications and represent a significant potential for the medium-sized industry in Germany. This potential ranges from prototype construction to the manufacture of end products. New products can be developed and manufactured more quickly.  Additive manufacturing technologies can therefore be a cross-sector innovation and growth engine for the region.

The transferability of the approaches developed within the framework of the project is an essential component of the concept. By linking the relevant actors such as universities, schools, companies and other institutions, the project can serve as a model for other regions and develop best-practice examples that positively influence the competitiveness of the economy in NRW.

Facts & Figures

Budget 3.714.288 EUR
of which
1.857.144 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

Hochschule Rhein-Waal
Hochschule Ruhr West
RHTWH Aachen 

Priority axis

Maximizing innovation potential


January 2016 –June 2019