Geriatric Careable Media

Longer Self-Determination Thanks to Smart Technology: Geriatric Careable Media

When we talk about demographic change, what we really mean is the steadily increasing number of older people who need support or care. Many of them want to live in their own apartments for as long as possible, despite health limitations. This is becoming increasingly possible often due to intelligent technical solutions. However, these so-called assistive intelligent environments often have one crucial disadvantage: they are technically complex, difficult to operate and therefore often fail to meet the needs of their  target group.

The project Geriatric Careable Media aims to find a solution for this. The focus is the idea of an extensive and collaborative Geriatric Care content system developed specifically for older people who live on their own. The project partners—Noweda ApothekenMarketing GmbH, the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe-Landesverband NRW, Interlutions GmbH, J.P. Bachem Verlag GmbH, GmbH and the University of Wuppertal—want to combine technical components and contents from health, communication, active living and entertainment in a modular system that can be individually adjusted and operated intuitively with gamified approaches.

Facts & Figures

1.545.776 EUR
of which
772.888 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
NOWEDA ApothekenMarketing GmbH
Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e. V. - Landesverband NRW
Interlutions GmbH
J. P. Bachem Verlag GmbH

Priority axis

Maximizing the innovation potential


January 2015 – September 2018