InVerSiv - Autonomous Driving in the City

While cars are able to drive autonomously on motorways relatively safely, city traffic remains a challenge which systems cannot yet overcome. The number of variables and factors bombarding them in megacities is too much for systems to interpret and respond to properly. The slightest mistake may be fatal. Project "InVerSiv" aims to develop intelligent infrastructure to close this gap.

It should also be true: if you can handle the city, you can handle the rest. This is the challenge "InVerSiv" has taken onwith the aim of establishing an "intelligent transport infrastructure for safe networked driving in megacities." The researchers' approach is to draw on as much existing data as possible and use it to make fully automated driving safer.


Facts & Figures

2.600.726 EUR
of which
1.300.363 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

CommAgility Ltd
adesso AG
Technische Universität Dortmund
Wilhelm Schröder GmbH

Priority axis

Maximizing the innovation potential


January 2016 – June 2019