Smart Service Power – Growing Old and Staying Independent

The City of Dortmund and the consortium around VIVAI Software AG set demographic change as the focus of a digitised "smart city"—something that is now paying off. "We are true pioneers. We wanted an entirely new focus for our smartified city—not the the endlessly recurring themes of energy efficiency, traffic flow management and mobility," says Dr. Bettina Horster, chairperson of VIVAI Software AG and project manager for Smart Service Power (SSP).

When people think about getting old today, they will often hear one thing: nursing crisis. There is a whole series of quite complex issues behind the problem. People are getting older, but not necessarily fitter than a few years ago. There are far too few nurses to be able to care for all the older and dependent people adequately and the cost of social welfare is exploding. Through the project "Smart Service Power," the developers want to combine intelligent systems with each other and enable age-appropriate, technology-supported and, above all, independent living in the neighbourhood for as long as possible.

The project won the RegioStars Award 2017 in the category Cities in digital transition. Here you can find more about the project on the Website of the European Commission:


Facts & Figures

2.767.824  EUR
of which
1.383.912 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

VIVAI Software AG (Konsortialführung)
Fachhochule Dortmund
Fraunhofer InHaus Zentrum
Pflegedienst Hüberthal Dortmund
InHaus GmbH

Priority axis

Maximizing the innovation potential


October 2016 – November 2019