Numerous authorities are involved in implementing the OP ERDF NRW 2014-2020. These include general coordination, supervisory bodies and procedures, such as selection procedures, project approval and implementation. The following is an overview:

The Administrative Authority functions as the central contact and is responsible for the general coordination of the OP ERDF NRW 2014-2020. Among its tasks are managing the operational program in accordance with its financial management and ensuring that all regulations concerning the selection and implementation of projects are met. 

The Certifying Authority has the overall responsibility of managing the payment process. It deals with payment requests and the annual accounting statements, and manages a system which digitally records and stores the accounting data of each project.

The Audit Authority is the central body for inspecting the overall project OP ERDF NRW. Balancing the accounts of both the administrative and certifying authority, according to international auditing standards, is its main responsibility. 

The Intermediary Bodies are responsible for approving projects. These are in further detail: district governments Arnsberg, Detmold, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Münster, the state agency for nature, environment and consumer protection NRW, the research center Jülich, IHK project corporation, and the “Landesgewerbeförderungsstelle NRW” (LGH: support and services for craft SMEs in NRW)

The Monitoring Committee performs tasks in accordance with Article 49 of the General Regulation and normally meets twice annually. The economic and social partners are an integral part of the monitoring committee. They support it in implementing, monitoring and evaluating the operational program. Among other things, the monitoring committee is responsible for the assessment and approval of selection criteria for projects. It also evaluates the progress made with regard to achieving the objectives and implementation results of the program. Furthermore, it evaluates and approves program changes. 

The Working Committee supports the monitoring committee in its tasks - including preparing for meetings. Belonging to the working committee are the intermediary bodies, the specific departments and fund managers. Chairman of the working committee is each head of department for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia - departments in which the administrative authority for ERDF is located.