Retail Lab South Westphalia

Retail Lab South Westphalia

Stationary retail and digitisation—combining these two apparent contradictions is a challenge. However,  both could benefit from each other and create added value. The project "Zukunftslabor Einzelhandel Südwestfalen 2020" (Future Lab Retail South Westphalia 2020) demonstrates how this can be achieved. The project has the goal of tackling the challenge of digitisation in the domestic retail sector.

The primary objective of the project “Einzelhandelslabor Südwestfalen” (Retail Lab South Westphalia) is to strengthen the stationary retail trade in the long term with workshops and a transfer of knowledge for their own cross- or omni-channel strategies. Numerous practical examples on the website demonstrate how a few changes can allow decisive steps to be taken. Retail and digitisation can work together—if you know how.


Facts & Figures

1.245.999 EUR
of which
622.999 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

IHK Arnsberg
SIHK zu Hagen
Universität Siegen
Fachhochschule Südwestfalen
private Hochschule BiTS Iserlohn

Priority axis

Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs


January 2016 – March 2019