SIMΩN - Recycling for the Energy Supply Network

SIMΩN - Recycling for the Energy Supply Network

Harmonics in the energy supply network are dangerous for manufacturing companies and their machines because they can lead to plant failure and shut down entire production lines. This leads to high downtime costs. Countermeasures have been inefficient so far. Project SIMON wants to change this by removing and recycling "waste" from the energy supply network and feeding it back as usable energy. SIMON is a "recycling facility" for the power grid.

One focus of the project  is the development of the control system for and the construction of a highly efficient power electronics system. This will allow SIMON to improve voltage quality. Compliance with the voltage quality standard helps to ensure the safe and energy-efficient operation of machines and systems. The main benefit for the customer is that the technically necessary damping measures no longer just cost money, but part of the investment is recovered  through energy savings - or in the best case even additional energy costs can be saved.

Facts & Figures

960.952 EUR
of which
480.476 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

Condensator Dominit Dr, Christian Dresel Gesellschaft für Leistungselektronik, Energietechnik und Netzqualität mbH
Fachhochschule Südwestfalen

Priority axis

Maximizing the innovation potential


January 2016 – April 2019