Gründergeist@Münsterland – SUCCESSFUL. FOUNDING. TOGETHER.

Where would we be without the people who have the courage and ability to push things forward and to implement them? Who dare to realise their ideas and plans and are successful with them? Who inspire others, invent new products and offer new services? We would probably still be living in caves, exchanging a fish for a few berries every now and then. What drives us forward are those people who develop their visions and make them a reality.

Future founders—whether they already have a fixed idea or are still at the beginning and are looking for a business model are supported: in four rounds, each lasting six months, the CEOs of tomorrow receive free and professional help in every phase of the foundation process. This includes, for example, help finding ideas using special creativity techniques, help developing a strategy and finally help developing a business plan with a clear focus on the reality check: is what the founder intends possible? Can their idea be successful? And if so, do they fulfil the prerequisites? The important thing is that all of these phases will be adjusted to the individual needs of the participants without rigid structures—everyone will get the support they actually need.


Facts & Figures

499.972 EUR
of which
249.985 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

Münsterland e. V.

Priority axis

Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs


January 2015 – October 2018