HYBRICO – Modern Care Coaching for Caregiving Relatives

Anyone who cares for a relative at home will quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the situation. Through an integrated offer of care coaching, online courses, instructional videos and a network of important institutions and contact points, the project Hybrico aims to solve this problem and provide tangible relief to all concerned.

HYBRICO, together with care experts, care companies, care sector employees, caregiving relatives, teachers, interested companies and other actors, developed an educational offer that trains coaches to assist caregiving relatives. At the same time, a digital offer is being developed which will allow caregiving relatives to repeat and intensify the contents of the training as well as to communicate and network with other affected persons and service providers. Instructional videos and a health wiki that explains the most important terms as a supplement for caregiving relatives and coaches will be provided.



Facts & Figures

467.164 EUR
of which
211.579 EUR from ERDF

Project partner

FIAP e.V. - Forschungsinstitut für innovative Arbeitsplatzgestaltung und Prävention

maxQ im bfw - Unternehmen für Bildung

Priority axis

Maximizing innovation potential


January 2016 – April 2018